About Us

Greetings from MyDesignGift.com, where innovation and personalization meet to create lasting memories!

My name is George, and my journey in the world of business began over a decade ago. After spending years in the Bulgarian mobile telecom industry, specifically focused on selling phones, I decided it was time to embark on a new adventure. In 2013, armed with a vision and a passion for accessories, I established my own company, starting with a single shop offering phone accessories.

Those early years were a one-person show, a time of learning, and laying the foundation for what was to come. I quickly realized that customers were seeking more than just transparent and black phone cases. They craved choices that reflected their individuality. While my initial offerings garnered interest, I knew there was a world of possibility awaiting exploration.

In pursuit of a dream, I delved into research, seeking ways to make my customers' phone cases not just protective, but expressive pieces of art. It wasn't without setbacks; my first printer investment proved less than fruitful, leading to financial losses. Yet, the dream remained unshaken.

A year later, equipped with determination and a different printer, the tide began to turn. Vibrant and intricate designs adorned the cases, personalization extended to cherished images, and the path to true customization opened before us. This was a novel concept for many, but I struggled to spread the word due to limited resources.

In 2017, a new chapter began as I ventured into the realm of e-commerce, launching a website to showcase my creations. Simultaneously, my local footprint expanded to three shops, marking the steady growth of my endeavor. Word of mouth and customer satisfaction fueled our journey forward.

As aspirations soared, so did the scope of our ambition. Aiming to reach and please customers worldwide, MyDesignGift.com was born. Investment in cutting-edge technology became a priority, leading to the acquisition of a top-tier printer. The fruits of this endeavor lay in the stunning quality of our products, as well as the growth of our team to six dedicated individuals who share not just a workplace, but a sense of family.

Excellence in customer support and the delivery of high-quality products remained the bedrock of our success. Our customers' glowing reviews validated the passion we poured into our work. Curiosity led us toward new horizons, with the demand for custom t-shirts emerging as a prominent voice.

In 2021, a pivotal moment arrived. A supplier introduced us to Direct to Film (DTF) technology, a revelation that aligned perfectly with our pursuit of innovation. The promise of speed, quality, durability, and full-color brilliance was irresistible. Without hesitation, we invested in a t-shirt printer, introducing custom t-shirts to our array.

As we stand today, MyDesignGift.com is a testament to a journey fueled by determination, passion, and the desire to create products that bring joy and meaning to people's lives. Our story isn't just about business; it's about the evolution of a dream, the resilience against challenges, and the embrace of innovation.

Thank you for being part of our narrative, for supporting us as we create artful expressions of identity and cherished memories. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, providing products that ignite smiles and celebrate individuality.

With heartfelt gratitude,

George Dimov

Founder and Owner, MyDesignGift.com

Feel free to adjust or personalize any parts of this story to better suit your preferences and experiences. I hope this version captures the essence of your journey and the spirit of MyDesignGift.com